Automating Supplier Communication and Insights

Academic Work – Trackable supply chain data collection processes, automatic follow ups, and customized insights


Academic Work strives to be a sustainable company, not only in its internal operations, but throughout its entire supply chain. Active in six countries with 2000 suppliers, manually managing suppliers became a huge effort. With Worldfavor, Academic Work automates communication with its suppliers and gets automatically populated overviews and insights – all in one place. Download Academic Work’s customer story to read more about how they leverages Worldfavor’s Sustainability Management and Sourcing solutions to secure a sustainable supply chain and gain transparency while saving time.

Academic Work uses Worldfavor’s Sustainablity Platform:

  • One-stop shop for all sustainability data collection, management, and supplier communication
  • Customized and automatically populated analytics
  • Analytics based on customized rules and deadlines
  • Improved risk management internally and throughout the supply chain