Join in and make sustainable business mainstream.

The Transparency Initiative

The Transparency Initiative is a unique partnership for change, using the power of many to connect companies to access and share comparable ESG information and promote their sustainability practices. Enabled by cutting-edge technology.

The Transparency Initiative creates the comparability and transparency of ESG data required to drive sustainable action at scale. By leading actors joining forces, a crowd-demand for information is created, and large masses of readily available ESG data can quickly be achieved.

A consolidated platform for sharing and accessing information allows:

  • Access to standardized, readily available ESG data across companies globally 
  • Companies to communicate with multiple stakeholders in one free platform and. reduce reporting fatigue for all parties 
  • Insights, scoring and benchmarking possibilities on disclosed data.

Join leading actors in a movement for sustainability:

As a signatory of the Transparency Initiative, you participate in a worldwide movement of sustainability leaders promoting and accelerating transparency. Encourage companies of interest to disclose comparable, top-level sustainability information in an easy-to-use platform that also brings value to them.

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