The state of SFDR reporting for investors

Heading into the first mandatory reporting period for the EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (the SFDR), stakeholders still have plenty of questions. Who’s actually required to report? What data do they need to show? And how is everybody else managing it all? 

If you’re curious, too, about how others are coping – you’ve definitely found the right study. Because we sent out a survey asking our most burning questions around the current state of SFDR reporting. From demystifying data collection to tackling the PAIs, the answers will give insight into how FMPs from around the world are preparing for compliance.

Download the study (for free!) to learn:
  • How other investors perceive SFDR, how they're working with it today, and what challenges and opportunities they see for the future of reporting
  • The difference between SFDR head-scratchers like: Articles 6, 8, & 9; the PAIs; what level 2 even means – and more!
  • How Worldfavor allows you to track and report on the SFDR
You’ll like this study if: 
You’re a VC or PE investor, asset manager, financial advisor – maybe even a representative from a bank or credit institution offering portfolio management. In other words: any FMP affected by (or just curious about!) SFDR will want a copy of this one.