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Grant Thornton: Sustainability as a part of core business



A prosperous and sustainable business community. Integrated Strategy and easier for everyone.  

Like many other companies, Grant Thornton's sustainability work is an ongoing journey. However, top management has prioritized sustainability work, which has strongly contributed to its rapid development within a relatively short time. In spring 2018, it integrated sustainability work into its overall business strategy in order to make sustainability a part of its core business model. This informed the mindset of the entire company, and as this work continues to develop internally, so too does it reflect in external customer relationships.

Download the customer story and read more about their work and how they are using Worldfavor Sustainability Management to collect, sort, and analyze sustainability data on a detailed level.

Grant Thornton – Worldfavor Sustainability Management 

  • The possibility to collect a wide variety of sources of information

  • Easier to review, follow up and share the information.
  • Better conditions for working together