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Transparency and Sustainability in Multi-tier Supply Chain

As you might have experienced, supply chain sustainability at medium-to-large enterprises is never a walk in the park. In this 20-minute long webinar we will guide you through how to ensure transparency and sustainability in multi-tier supply chains ...


Worldfavor's Guide to implementing the SDGs

In this guide, we define key actions your business can take when implementing the 17 goals of Agenda 2030 and provide best practices for getting started.


Sustainability Reporting in Worldfavor

Worldfavor enables you to take control of your data and create a smart sustainability reporting process for yourself, your colleagues and your partners. Download this guide to learn more about sustainability reporting in Worldfavor ...

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Oatly Leads Food Industry with Sustainability as Core Business Model

Since sustainability is part of Oatly’s core business model, understanding its impact through sustainability data is a huge part of its communication to consumers and building its position as a leader in the plant-based revolution.

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Academic Work Customer Story

Download Academic Work’s customer story to read more about how they leverages Worldfavor’s Sustainability Management and Sourcing solutions to secure a sustainable supply chain and gain transparency while saving time ...

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Intrum Streamlines Sustainability Management with Worldfavor

Intrum is a market-leading credit management services company that helps its clients get paid for the goods and services they sell and helps individuals get out of debt. With an international presence, Intrum was in search for a way to establish a smooth process to collect and manage sustainability data, automating what could be automated and increasing efficiency, teamwork, and transparency.


Sustainability Acronyms, Abbreviations and Buzzwords

It’s not easy keeping up with all the sustainability abbreviations, acronyms and buzzwords, so we’ve come up with a glossary of some of the most common ones you will come across ...


Worldfavor Sustainable Sourcing

Worldfavor Sustainable Sourcing enables companies to develop a sustainable supply chain, in line with the company's requirements and expectations on sustainable business and compliance ...

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Grant Thornton Customer Story

As for many other companies, the collection of sustainability information from various internal units was previously done manually using Excel files. This was a time-consuming procedure, where the continuous work and follow-up became challenging. The ability to collect, sort and analyze data on a detailed level ...

customer story

Martin & Servera Customer Story

A leading supplier doing comprehensive sustainability work. Download the customer story and read more about their work and how they are using Worldfavor Sustainable Sourcing to create and secure a sustainable supply chain ...


A Beginners Guide To The SDGs

In this 15 minutes long guide, we have gathered key information for you to get familiar with the SDGs, why they were created and how they are relevant – for large business as well as SMEs ...


Improve Your Supply Response Rate

In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to step up your response rate by automating and digitizing data collection from your suppliers. This will simplify your business' workload, so you can focus on taking proactive action.