Worldfavor Guide

SFDR guide: How to collect, manage and report your SFDR data



Worldfavor’s step-by-step guide to SFDR Compliance

To help you set up a smooth and stress-free internal SFDR data process, from the collection from your portfolio companies all the way to communicating it to your stakeholders, we have created this 5-step guide.

What's inside:

  • How to set up your SFDR data collection and monitoring process
  • Tips on how to engage and provide value to your portfolio companies
  • How to structure, calculate and aggregate the data
  • Best practices for reporting and communicating your SFDR data in a standardized format
  • The benefit of using the data and insights for smarter decisions

Who's the guide for?

Fund managers and those responsible for SFDR disclosure at in-scope firms – regardless of size, number of portfolio companies, or where you are in your SFDR process. These steps can be applied to all investment firms, pension funds, insurance companies, banks, venture capital funds, or other financial institutions that are in need to level up their SFDR data monitoring.

Download this guide to learn how to improve your SFDR data collection and succeed with your SFDR compliance today!