Worldfavor whitepaper

Worldfavor Sustainability data framework


Making sustainability mainstream by sharing and accessing standardized ESG information at scale.

To reach transparency at scale, companies need a way to share standardized and comparable ESG information. Using Worldfavor allows sharing and accessing sustainability information across companies digitally – making sustainability mainstream.

Our Sustainability data framework builds on existing reporting regulations, frameworks, and initiatives, as well as globally recognized guidelines and principles. The framework is created with business-to-business ESG data sharing needs in mind and includes a selection of standardized KPIs and questions any company can – and is expected to – be transparent about.

It's not another framework – it's simply one framework to cover them all.

Learn more about:

  • How to use Worldfavor to share and access essential ESG information.
  • The topics of the framework (covering 8 regulations and initiatives, 18 ESG topics, and hundreds of standard KPIs and frameworks).
  • How to get started using Worldfavor Sustainability data framework.

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