Worldfavor ON-DEMAND webinar

Sustainable investments for VCs: Why ESG is key for early-stage companies and how to manage it


Sustainable investing is a rising topic on VCs' agenda. As regulations, expectations, and ambitions are increasing, ESG challenges and opportunities become crucial aspects of sustainable investing. 

In this 45-min webinar, we will discuss why VCs should focus on ESG within early-stage companies and give you advice on how to manage and follow up on ESG data with portfolio companies. Our VC panelists will share their best practices in ESG management experience on how to support portfolio companies on their sustainability journey.

Watch now to learn more about:

  • How to get started with ESG as a VC
  • How to guide companies to progress their sustainability efforts and support them on their sustainability journey
  • Challenges and opportunities within early-stage companies
  • Best practices on how to follow up on portfolio companies ESG
  • Practical examples and tips from the panelists (Q&A)


Meet the panelists


Aamil Ghani
Compliance Officer


Anna Ljungdahl
Investment Director & Head of Sustainable Investments



Henry Philipsson
Director of Marketing & Communications
Founder of ESV_VC 

anja rundqvist profile round

Anja Rundquist
Strategic Account Executive