Worldfavor On-demand webinar

Human Rights Due Diligence process: What is it and how to implement it


In this webinar, Worldfavor's internal experts provide a comprehensive overview of how businesses can establish and operationalize a robust human rights due diligence process within their supply chains.

Watch now for actionable insights and practical guidance for implementing an effective human rights due diligence process that aligns with global standards and your nation's directives, such as OECD, LKSG, Åpenhetsloven, and CSDDD.


What can you expect from this webinar?

  • An overview of Human Rights Due Diligence legislations
  • Insight on what a due diligence process is and why your company needs it
  • Practical guidance on HRDD with a focus on risk assessment


Who’s this webinar for?

Professionals across various industries, including sustainability managers, supply chain managers, CSR practitioners, compliance officers, and executives responsible for driving responsible business practices.

Meet the speakers

Emelie N - Contact picture - new

Emelie Nilsson

Emma G - Contact picture - new

Emma Ghebaru