Worldfavor ON-DEMAND webinar

The CSRD supply chain reporting requirements


As globalization continues to shape our world, there's been a notable surge in international agreements and legislation aimed at fostering a sustainable future. Among these initiatives is the Corporate Social Responsibility Directive, CSRD.

Join us in this webinar as we delve into the critical link between CSRD and supply chains. Discover the necessity of CSRD, learn about essential data collection practices, and delve into the screening of supply chain data.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay informed and prepared for the evolving landscape of corporate sustainability!

Discover essential insights such as:

  • Best practices for gathering crucial data from your suppliers
  • Navigating Due Diligence and Double Materiality from a supply chain perspective
  • Effective screening techniques in the collection of supply chain data

Who should attend this webinar?

This webinar caters to all companies that ere selling or doing business (wholly or partly) in the European Union, as this directive will impact you. So regardless of sector or size – this webinar is gonna be helpful for you. 

Meet the speakers

Anna G - contact picture
Anna Gustafsson
Sustainability Specialist
Calle L - contact picture.png-fotor-20240507134130
Carl Lindqvist
Account Executive