Worldfavor webinar

Unraveling SFDR - Common challenges and opportunities unlocked by data


 MARCH 28, 11 AM CET

When the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation, SFDR, initially came into force, investors had a choice whether or not to comply. But as the law entered its level 2 phase at the beginning of 2023, investors are now facing several new ESG disclosure requirements – and this time, they're mandatory.

Join us in our 45-minute free webinar, where our panel from Tundra Fonder AB, a Swedish fund manager specializing in frontier markets, will discuss common challenges and give us some tips on how to work with SFDR successfully. 

In this webinar, we will also provide key insights from our study Ready or not... Exploring the state of SFDR reporting for investors (released on March 22).

Sign up for the webinar to learn:

  • How other FMPs perceive SFDR, including how they are working with it today and the challenges and opportunities they see
  • Real-life examples of how Tundra Fonder is working with SFDR
  • Hands-on tips and best practices from our panel

Who's this webinar for? 

PE or VC investors, asset managers, financial advisors – maybe even a banks or credit institutions representative offering portfolio management. In other words: any financial market participant affected by or curious about SFDR.

Meet the speakers

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Terése Hammarsten 
Financial Markets lead

Jennie Ahrén - Tundra Fonder

Jennie Ahrén
Chief Sustainability Officer
Tundra Fonder AB

Chau Le - Tundra Fonder

Chau Le
ESG Analyst
Tundra Fonder AB